LTH Challenge
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A yearly individual programming competition at LTH organized by [email protected]. Aimed towards university and high school students.

LTH Challenge 2019

Schedule and location

Saturday 16 February 2019

The doors to the building are locked, since it’s a weekend. If you don’t have access go to this entrance and call Måns on 0730946030.


The contst is hosted at Register by joining the competition.

General information

You will be given a set of problems that you will try to solve as many as possible of as fast as possible. Your solutions are programs that will be automatically tested by the judge server Kattis. For a given problem the testsetver will test your program on a set of some secret inputs, and your solution will be considered correct if it produces the correct output within a given time limit of the problem.

You participate with your own laptop. Power sockets will be provided.

The contest will test your programming skills, and your ability to solve algoritmic problems.

LTH Challenge 2019 will be the third contest in the 2018-2019 Swedish Coding Cup.

Facebook event.


There will be prizes for the top competitors!